Tuesday 19th May 2020

Good morning,

Have you made an instrument yet? Don't forget to email me some pictures. I would love to see them.


We hope you're enjoying our new story for the week: Nightmare Island

Your tasks for today are:

1) Read chapter 2

2) Complete the online activities

3) Complete the writing activity:

Getting repeatedly plunged into his own nightmare must have been terrifying for Rory. The author gave us lots of information about Rory being scared as well as doing a great job of scaring the reader.

So your task today is to firstly tell me how the author the scared the reader (you). What writing elements were used? What type of language was used? Were certain senses referred to? What happened to the surroundings? Give me examples from the text. Why were they so effective?

Secondly tell me how the author made you know that Rory was scared. Was the effect on the body mentioned? Was a sense of the unknown mentioned? Again, give me examples from the text and explain why they were so effective.

This was a really powerful chapter with plenty of scary elements included by the author.

Enjoy. Tomorrow we'll be moving onto chapter 3.


SPAG - Tuesday


Year 6

Multiplying Decimals by Integers PowerPoint - remember to start the slideshow to view it correctly


Answers - no peeking

Year 5

Watch this tutorial for finding the area of compound shapes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGILTRNf4OU

Area Activity

Don't forget to look in the Pupil Zone for some activities you can do.
Have a lovely day.