Week beginning 23rd January

Another week has flown by with lots of important learning happening.

In Literacy, we continued to learn about letters and learnt how to distinguish between formal and informal language. Using our knowledge of the Demon Headmaster, we then wrote letters as Dinah to tell a friend about her strange new school and the hypnotic headmaster. We also learnt how to use the perfect form of verbs to mark relationships of time and cause and revisited parenthesis to show additional information.

In Year 6 Maths, the children have been learning how to calculate unknown values using algebraic expressions. In Year 5, they have been learning how to divide using the formal method of division.

During our class assembly this week, several groups shared examples of how to divide using this method and how to lay it out. The children prepared their own learning to share (with many choosing to use sketches and drama to show off what they have learnt). Thank you to all the parents who came to watch - I know the children appreciated it.

In Science, we have started to explore what would happen to circuits if we increased or decreased the number of components. We were able to use our prior knowledge and Tinkercad to inform our thoughts and we will test them with equipment in the coming weeks.

On Friday next week, there is a TimesTables Rockstars competition. The winning class will have the highest number of correct answers per pupil so log on and start practicing!