Thursday 21st May

Good morning, 

We hope you are well today and looking forward to the half term. Tomorrow we will be posting a link with activities which you may like to do over the holidays. There will not be learning set for next week to allow the children some time for a break. We know some children are struggling to remain focused after such a long period away from school, so please allow them to work at a pace they can cope with and remember to look at the list of online learning platforms in the Pupil Zone section of the website. All websites are learning based, and can be used as alternatives to the work set on the blogs. These may provide the short break that the children need. 

Below is today's learning. Links to the Literacy and Science activities can be found below. If you need any help or would like some additional games and videos linked to the maths, remember to head to All resources can be found there, and all are completely free to use. 

Mrs Jacobs & Mrs Dowdall. 

Literacy activity:

Science Activity: