Walnut Term 3 Week 6

Whoop ! Whoop!!! Yes, it's true!!! It's half term and we've made it!!!

This week during Literacy, we explored and investigated the features of rap poems and listened to some well known raps. We created our own rap poems and performed them today. They were awesome!!!

During our Maths sessions we continued our learning on Statistics and created our own pictograms and tables.

In Topic learning we found out that earthquakes release energy in the form of waves travelling through the ground. We linked it to the ripples on a pond when a stone is thrown into it. The waves radiate outwards from the epicentre – the centre of the earthquake. The ground shakes and this causes landslides, collapsed buildings, destroyed roads and services.  We built small houses using dominoes or building bricks and a piece of card for a roof, and placed them near the edge of a table. We then hit the opposite edge of the table with our hand (not too hard!). We did the same on the edge by the house using the same amount of force. We watched what happened then, it was very interesting.

In our Science session we've investigated different types of soil to find out which soil is the best for drainage.

Have a lovely half term.

Mrs Jacobs and Mrs Dowdall.