Walnut Term 4 Week 4

Another lovely and amazing week of learning!!! We are very proud of what we have produced.
In Literacy we continued looking at the features of Newspaper reports and created our own ones during our Hot Write.

Our learning in Maths was all about fractions. We used chocolate bars to find out more about different fractions and sneakily ate some of our fractions. At least we could work out the fraction of the chocolate we ate.

In our Science session we investigated what happens when adding heat to chocolate and then let it cool down. We then compared it to volcanic eruptions. Now we know that, when a volcano erupts, molten lava flows from the crater. When it cools it solidifies to form new rock.  Melting chocolate and then letting it cool helped us to explain this .

We continued learning about the invasion of Britain by the Roman Empire. We could identify and label the invaded areas on a map.

We had a visitor for RE who taught us about 'The Last Supper' of Jesus and his disciples.

The weather is bright and lovely, so I hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

Mrs Jacobs and Ms Rackley.