Secondary Transition tips so far ...


These activities have been designed to help you prepare for your transition to secondary school.  They are for you to use if you think they are helpful.

Activity 1 - Travelling to your new school
·         Walk your route to your new school as part of your daily exercise (if this is appropriate)
·         Plan your routes to school using Google Earth, Google Maps or other Apps such as Waze
·         You could download the Arriva app to become familiar with it.

Tip for Parents/Carers
Travel planning – How will your child get to and from school every day?


Activity 2 - All about you 
Have you accessed your new school’s website?  Have a look through p 3-6 of the booklet: use the school website to answer some of these questions.  Talk through with someone at home – this could be with an older sibling who attends/attended the school – what are their experiences?

Tip for Parents/Carers
Support your son/daughter in accessing their secondary school’s website. This may also be a good opportunity for you to have a look at the policies, practices and procedures such as timings, uniform and behaviour expectations etc.  Hopefully your child’s secondary school will be arranging an event for you to be able to ask questions; perhaps you could start to think about any queries you may have?  Talk through the information your son/daughter has found out – do they have any concerns?  Are they pleased/disappointed with anything?


Activity 3 - How to read a school timetable

Is there an example of a timetable on the school website?  If not, there is an exemplar in your transition booklet.  Look at 'How to Read a School timetable'  p12-13 in your Transition Book


Tip for Parents/Carers

What equipment/resources would your child need to take into school on specific days?  Could your child organise this independently?  Start to instil in your son/daughter that there are usually consequences at secondary schools for students that do not have the correct equipment/resources.