Keeping a Diary

In these difficult times it is not always easy for children to express how they are feeling. One way of helping them to do this is to write a diary or journal. Learning how to express emotions is a vital life skill and one which keeping a diary can help them develop. Writing a diary is a great way for children to process their thoughts and express their feelings. It can help them build emotional maturity and resilience.

A diary or journal is a wonderful way for your children to record their life. It is a place to write about what is happening and a wonderful way to hold onto memories.

There are lots of fun ways your children could keep a diary - for example, writing short sentences or paragraphs, drawings, photos, video, comic strips any way they wish. They could use a computer, paper or ipad.

Although firstly, what type of diary would they be interested in keeping:

  • Personal diary - for recording memories and events.
  • Nature journal - for recording nature around you.
  • Study diary - for recording what you are learning and how you are learning it.
  • Art journal - A place to practice drawing and sketching.
  • Project journal - Keeping track of a particular projects - for example, many people keep diaries about cooking, knitting or gardening. Your children could keep a diary about something they are really interested in.
  • Free Writing Journal - in this type of journal you write whatever comes to you. Your thoughts and feelings, the talk going on in your head. This is particularly good for mental wellbeing.

Of course, you can use a single diary for all of these things - or something completely different! Help your children make it their own by allowing them to choose what to write in it. Follow the link to find out how to make a journal out of recycled items.