Maple Class

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Welcome to Maple Class. 

Maple Class is a Year 3/4 class.  Our teacher is Miss Muddassir and our teaching assistant is Mrs Carpenter


Our topic this term is 'Material World'

Hundreds of different materials are used to make everyday objects. Some materials occur naturally, e.g. wood from trees while others are man-made in factories, e.g. plastic. Some materials are magnetic; some allow heat and electricity to pass through them. But with so many different materials to choose from, how do we decide which to use?

Our Literacy   we are going to be learning about performance poetry and instructions.  We are going to be learning about fractured fairy-tales for three weeks and then we will reading The 13 Storey-Treehouse by Andy Griffiths. 
In Numeracy we will be revising the four number operations. 
In Science, we’ll be finding out:
  • How and why different materials are used
  • How to test the properties of a material
  • About the uses for glass and plastic
  • About the metals that are attracted to magnets
  • Which materials allow electricity to pass through them
  • Which materials allow heat to pass through them
  • How natural and man-made materials are different

  • How to design and make a product for a bicycle
In International, we’ll be finding out:
  • Where materials come from
  • In Technology, we’ll be finding out:

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Home Learning

Home Learning is compulsory. It is handed out every Friday and is due in the following Wednesday.  Team Points can be earned for handing in your homework early. If children fail to complete their homework, they will be staying in at lunchtime to do it. 

As part of their homework, children are also expected to read to an adult at least 3 times a week and record this in their Reading Journals.  I check these and sign them off every Thursday. 
Park Way is also taking part in Buster's Book Club. Children need to read on Wednesday night (Year 3 - 15 mins; Year 4 - 20 mins).  A tally is then taken on Thursday and the class with the most readers wins the trophy for that week.  There will also be prizes on special weeks.
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Maple Class will have P.E on Monday and Friday afternoons. 
 Please ensure your child has their full P.E kit in school. 

Girls with long hair should have it tied back and all earrings should be removed.  

Our Learning

Autumn Term 1

Our Topic was 'Scavengers and Settlers.'  We had lots of fun reading 'Stig of the Dump' in Literacy.  We also researched dinosaurs and wrote information texts about our favourite dinosaurs. In Numeracy we did lots of learning about Place Value, 2D and 3D shapes and Fractions.
Click here to see photos of when we had a visit from a dinosaur. 
Click here to see photos of our exciting and fun filled Stone Age Days.  

Autumn Term 2 

Our 'Digital Gamers' unit was  a very busy term.  We worked very hard on our writing.  We looked at the game 'Angry Birds' in Literacy and wrote explanations about how to play it.  We also went to the cinema to watch 'The Good Dinosaur' and wrote film reviews about it.
Click here to see some of our fabulous writing.  

Spring Term 1

Our 'Land, Sea and Sky' topic was another fun filled unit.   We studied 'Finding Nemo' in Literacy and wrote persuasive texts.  We also went on a trip to the Blue Reef Aquarium in Hastings.
Click here to see photos from our trip to the aquarium.
Click here to see our fabulous writing and work based on the trip. 

Spring Term 2

Our topic was 'How Humans Work.'
Click here for photos from World Book Day.
Click here for photos from our 'Snow White in New York' themed weeks.  
Summer Term 1 
Our topic was 'Gateways to Other Worlds.'
Click here for photos of our trip to 'Brooklands Museum.'