Rowan Class


Welcome to Rowan Class. 

Rowan Class is a Year 5/6 class.  Our teacher is Mrs Burford and our teaching assistant is Mrs Payne.

Our topic this term is '3D Designers'.
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In ICT, we’ll be finding out:


•  Hoto create and manipulate 3D models using a range of tools


•  How people use ICT professionally in their jobs and for leisure purposes


•  Hotconduct a successful internet search and be discerning in evaluating whether the results arreliable


•  Hoto share information that we have discovered through collaborating and communicating with others online


•  Hoto use and combine a variety of softwarto present data and information, with an awareness of the intended audience


•  Hoto design and writcomputer programs using sequences of instructions including variables, repetition, inputs and outputs


•  Hoto use logical reasoning to debug algorithms and explain how thework


In International we’ll be finding out:


•  What our home countries look like from space and hoto use technology to view the towns and streets wherwe live


•  Hoto use digital technology to find out more about other countries and makcomparisons with our own

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Home learning 

Rowan's home learning is given out on a Friday and is due back on a Tuesday. There will also be an additional piece of SPAG home learning which will be given out on a Tuesday to be returned on a Thursday. Click here to access this week's home learning 

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