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Please let me know if there is something you would like to see on this page.
This is a very exciting time at Park Way! There is so much going on and the website is always developing fast to show everything in our learning community. The website is important as it also gives EVERYONE the chance to have their say and to make our school the very best it can be.
We really hope that you enjoy our website and if you have not had a chance to visit Park Way then we would love you to come and see us.

Friday 12th May 2017
SATs are over and I am so proud of all our year six children who really have tried their very best this week.
Apple and Pear classes are still waiting for their chicks to hatch, so the excitement in those classes is reaching fever pitch. We can't wait to see them!

Thursday 4th July 2017
With SATs week almost upon us, I would like to thank everyone for all their hard work. I am immensely proud of the children, who have worked so very hard. I would also like to thank parents and staff for helping the children to do their best. and for their encouragement.  Good luck everyone!

11th November 2016
This year we have a special assembly for remembrance day. This as been prepared by a group of children who have been working with Mr Hilgers. The assembly is based around artefacts the children have been given.
We have poppies and a selection of other goodies from the Royal British Legion to sell from our school office.

Monday 7th November
I am really pleased to see the learning in classes this second half term. There is so much going on!
Mrs Louden, our new Family Liaison Officer, has really settled into her role and has begun to organise lots of activities and events to support learning in school.
Sport relief was a great success on Friday with "Urban Strides" joining us for street dance workshops. I did the Swimathon at the weekend with my own children and my arms still hurt!
We have nearly come to the end of term four and I am really proud of the children's learning and the hard work of everyone involved to make our school the very best that it can be.
So what's new?
  1. The new library is nearly finished. I can't wait to get the new shelving and all our books in there. It's going to be great to have a dedicated library which is a light and airy, much needed space.
  2. We will have a new management structure in April. As the school has grown this will add much needed capacity to take the school to outstanding and beyond.
  3. Mrs Buckle and Mrs Abrahams, our new Attendance and Welfare and Learning Support Worker have settled in well. They have been getting to know children and families and are helping to make sure that everyone is happy and thriving in our learning community.
  4. It has been great to see some nursery staff and children using the school facilities. We are keen to develop this. so if you know of a nursery that is not currently benefitting please let us know. When children are familiar with our school it can make the transition to "big school" so much easier.
If you haven't visited our school please come and see us. The children will be delighted to tell you about their learning.

Tuesday 19th January 2016!
Work has begun on our new library. We are just waiting for the building control inspector to approve the foundations and then we can get on. This will mean that Mr Witherington, our ICT technician, will have his own space and the library will be a separate light, airy space.
Friday 16th October
Since we had the new fire alarm system and smoke detectors fitted, we have been working hard to make sure our corridors are all filled and painted and fabulous! Lots of examples of brilliant learning is beginning to appear on the walls (and ceilings!).
I showed a visitor around today and she commented on the learning behaviour of our children and how there was a  working "buzz" in all the classrooms. I have also had visits from lots of parents who are considering Park Way as their child's first school in September. I know what a daunting prospect this can be for parents and it was a pleasure to chat to our visitors and to show them what we do here.
As I write, some of the teachers are busy in the next room planning for next week. I'm looking forward to seeing this in action!
Wednesday 23rd September
What a hectic start to the new year!
Our new, all weather play area is finished and we had a grand pirate opening. A huge thankyou to everyone who dressed up and special thanks to Mrs Ord. Mrs Ord taught the children "piratey" songs and played her violin as we came out to the opening.
Everyone is working really hard on their learning in their new classes and the teachers are constantly coming up with new ideas and ways to engage the children in "real life" learning. They are assisted by some really fabulous parent volunteers. So, if you would like to join us and have some time on your hands please do talk to a member of staff.
Tuesday 28th April
I have been working at another school and although I really enjoyed it, I am pleased to be back at Park Way. So much has been going on here and the school looks fabulous. It's great to have a bit of sunshine too, so that the children can do more of their learning outside.
Junior children are still "buzzing" from their visit to "Harry Potter World" and Infant children have now been on safari at Port Lympne zoo! Since I have been away, a huge pirate ship has also appeared in the corridor as a result of "pirate day".
In the Easter holidays, year six children came to Easter School. They had breakfast with us and I have never seen so many pancakes consumed! I am now really looking forward to the summer terms. We have some fantastic learning planned for the children.
Wednesday 11th February
Wow! It's been so busy I haven't stopped to update my blog! Since I last wrote we have had Christmas- Merry Christmas everyone! I have also been busy with my own two children's  birthdays. The school is looking fabulous which is just as well because at midday on the 14th January Ofsted called to say that they  would be in the next day - A team of three inspectors looked at lessons, books, spoke to parents, children, staff, governors and the local authority.


I'm so proud of everyone at Park Way. Please come and see our learning community.
Monday 10th November
It was great to meet so many parents at our Open Evenings. Thank you to all those who took the time to complete our survey. We have collated the results and these will be published soon. This time we included the question "What three words would you use to describe Park Way to someone who did not know us?" The responses were used to produce a "Wordle" where the most frequently used words appear largest. This is the result...

Friday 7th November
All the school staff have been really busy today. We have had training to make sure that lessons fit the new National Curriculum, and that they are as as exciting as possible . 
Every child has made a poppy for Remembrance Day and we are looking forward to seeing them all in the hall on Tuesday. If you have not been able to go to see the poppies at the Tower of London you can see them at http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/29966300.

Monday 20th October
As we approach the end of the first term in school I am so proud of the children and their learning. Children, parents and teachers have been working hard to make learning fun and exciting. Lots of home learning challenges have added to the fantastic learning in school. Year 2 have been dressing up as Red Riding Hood, and studying traditional tales, Early Years children have been on the trail of a missing bear and have made their own "Build a Bear". Years 5 and 6 have been immersed in Gladiators and Roman times. There have been models, stories, books, messy Science, Maths challenges and much more!
Don't forget that you can tour the school at any time. If you are a parent please speak to the office staff, or your child's teacher and we will arrange it. Other visitors are also welcome - messaging me through the school website is probably the easiest way to arrange this.
Parents - please speak to your child's teacher if you have any issues or questions (however small!). We want our school to be the best school in the world and rely on your ideas, input and suggestions to help us improve.

Tuesday 9th September
 I am so proud of everyone at Park Way. It has been a fantastic start to the new year and there is some brilliant learning going on. Staff are getting to grips with the new curriculum and have been working really hard through the holiday to make sure that everything is ready. Now that term has started they are all really pleased with, and proud of, their classes.
All of  the infant children have enjoyed their free school meals and I hope that as the weather gets colder more children will take advantage of a hot meal in the middle of the day to feed their brains!
(site access lost for this period)

Monday 2nd June
I hope that everyone had a great break last week. The school was used as a polling station and it was great to chat to so many visitors, many of whom were past pupils! During the break Cherry classroom has been painted and Mr Russell (site manager) and I have sorted out the rooms upstairs to make more learning space. It all looks very smart.
What have the Dhanecha family been up to?
Well, this weekend we all went to Bath to see our friends. They have a dog called Maisie. My children really enjoyed taking the dog for a walk by the river and playing with her.
I went on the Vampire ride at Chessington four times, which was more than enough! We went to Fowlmead near Deal and did lots of cycling -it's really good there even though it's quite a long way.

Wednesday 20th March
The sun is shining and the average progress for the school is looking great. The children are trying so hard with their learning and we are really proud of them. I've been hearing some children read today and it really has been a fantastic morning.
There is so much going on and at the moment we are all looking forward to Sport Relief tomorrow. Classes are going to the YMCA, there's also; archery, table tennis, team games, and a mile to run. Miss Judge really has been working her socks off to get it all organised.  

Sunday 23rd February
Hooray! I have been unable to post on the website but now it's fixed! Apparently I was "incompatible". Actually, it was really easy to fix once you know how.
So what's been happening?
Well, we have just had a week long holiday from school and Miss Hill and I have cleared out the resources room at school. I think we both need to get out more!
A huge tree fell down in the school grounds -  it fell into a neighbour's shed, cutting it in half. Mrs Graves has been busy trying to sort this out. Mr Russell has finished converting the cloakroom into a study area and has tested every electrical device in the building. Mr Hughes has painted the corridor. 
At home, the roof leaked, one child had nits and both cats were discovered to have fleas. It's never dull at the Dhanecha house.
I also found this quote yesterday which made me laugh, especially as I'm never sure where to put a comma.
Commas are important...
Let's eat, Grandma  or
Let's eat Grandma.
Poor Grandma!
There are lots of new things on our website - so have a browse. The first five Park Way children who message me through the website will get a Park Way pen.