We have a dedicated team of Governors. All of them volunteer their time and expertise in order to improve the outcomes for children.
The governors are not all paid employees of the school. They are not based at the school but they visit as often as they can.
The role of governors is now far reaching with wide ranging responsibilities. Primarily their role is to lead the school strategy for improvement. In order to carry out these responsibilities effectively, Governors meet 6 times per year as a full governing body with additional meetings for Governors working on specific parts of school improvement with school staff.
If you are interested in becoming a School Governor in this, or another school please contact the Headteacher.
You can contact the chair of the Governing Body through the school or via e-mail at

Our Governors operate a Circle Model of Governance. 

Here is a list of our current Governors:-
Name Particular Responsibilities and Skills Term of Office

Business Interests Declared

(October 2017)

Ralph Edwards

Co-Chair and Co-Opted Governor - Human Resources, Safeguarding, Headteacher's Performance Management

15th May 2019 to 14th May 2023 Spouse employed at Park Way Primary School
Angela Kingman Co-Chair and Co-Opted Governor - AEN, SEN 15th May 2019 to 14 May 2023 Spouse is sole trader of MDK Electrical Services
David Dobbs Vice Chair and Co-Opted Governor - Finance, Resources 26th March 2017 to 25th March 2021


Karen Dhanecha Headteacher 1st September 2003 to 31st August 2102 Spouse has a registered business - PixelSmart
Charlotte Beamish Staff Governor 3rd May 2017 to 2nd May 2021 None
 Peter Hockney Co-Opted Governor - Premises, Resources, Headteacher's Performance Management 15th May 2019 to 14th May 2023 None
Jack Keeler Co-Opted Governor  15th May 2019 to 14th May 2023 Chair of Governors at Headcorn Primary School
Guillaume Brunet Parent Governor 11th December 2018 to 10th December 2022 None
Lisa Winzer   Resigned April 2020  
Rebecca Nash   Resigned July 2017