Term 1, week 6

This term is going very quickly and Apples and Pears have settled so well into school life. They are getting used to choosing their own learning during continuous provision and are learning to follow the school rules and follow our ‘Choose it, use it and put it away.’

In Maths we have explored patterns this week. The children have learnt that patterns can we spotted everywhere and are often repeating. They have had a go at creating their own repeating patterns using objects or drawing them.

In Literacy this week we have looked at being bakers, as the children showed a real interest in this following on from our story ‘The Gingerbread man’ last week. The children have enjoyed baking in the mud kitchen and role-play area and drawing their own instructions to bake.

Please remember to read with your child each week and make sure their reading book and record is in your child’s bag daily.

Thank you for all your support this term so far.

Have a lovely weekend,

The EYFS Team.