History of Park Way

1938: Originally, Park Way Primary School was called Plains Avenue Infant School.

1939: Someone was called to remove a bee's nest from a tree outside the entrance to the school. The children were allowed to stand by and watch!

1939: The 'May Queen' procession.

1948: Class 5 - The children are sitting at wooden desks and do not have to wear school uniform. There were a lot more pupils in a class then.

1968: The Staff

From left to right:

Audrey Cocker (Teacher), Winifred Whiting (Secretary), Stella Russel (Teacher), Maisy Hempleman (Deputy Headteacher), Sheila Dingley (Headteacher), Mr Thomas (Caretaker), Margaret Heathcote (Teacher), Joan Gibson (Teacher), Mary Johns (Teacher), Pippa ? (Teacher).