Term 4 Week 4

Hello all,

We have had a super busy week; red-nose day, Police, K-9s and Kent Search And Rescue (KSAR) visitors AND our class assembly all in one week!
I am extremely proud with how well Ivy Class conducted themselves whilst we had special visitors; so engaged, focused and totally amazed by the incredible things our visitors do daily! I am also one extremely proud teacher after watching them in their super-duper class assembly - genuine thank you to all that has supported Ivy Class this week!

In Literacy we have:
We finalized our letters, pretending to be angry pencils!

In Maths we have:
been learning to measure and compare volume and capacity!

In PE we have:
continued to participate in gymnastics using our bodies to travel up high and down low!

In Art we have:
we sketched our own portraits in the style of Picasso!

In ICT we have:

continued to learn how to use algorithms to program and predict a bee-bots movements

In History:
We had an amazing time with the Police, K-9s and Kent Search And Rescue (KSAR) visitors. We were amazed at all the vehicles, rescue boats, riot gear, pepper spray and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Thank you for attending parents evening; it was lovely to see so many families!
Have a wonderful weekend!