Term 1 Week 5!

Hello everyone :)

Another amazing week passes in Ivy Class!

In Literacy, we have been practicing our handwriting, applying our sounds to words, and structuring our sentences correctly. We have used these skills to retell the story of 'The Pirate Cruncher' and write descriptions about the notorious Captain Purplebeard or the cunning pirate cruncher!  In addition to this, we have begun to look at instructions; we even attempted to write our own!

In Maths, our Superstars have been working just as hard this week as they've recapped their number bonds and learnt how to count in steps of 2, 5 and 10!

In the afternoons, KS1 have been using a range of movements in PE to create a dance sequence. For our IPC topic 'Treasure Island', we have been understanding why we need rules, how rules help us and even learnt about some pirate rules! In R.E, we got creative and created beautiful collages which retell the Christian Creation Story. We didn't stop there! In science, we have put our observational skills to the test; we built ships and tested them to see which ship is the most stable! I am so IMPRESSED with the scientific vocabulary used this afternoon! Fantastic learning!

Well done Ivy Class for all your hard work this week; I wonder what new things we will learn about next week! :)