Spring Term 1 - Week 3

Week 3

A reminder that our PE day this term is Monday.

Holly Class have been working extremely hard this week with their learning. This is what we have been up to:

Literacy - The children have really enjoyed reading the book Traction Man by Mini Grey and we have been sharing our opinions about it in the form of book reviews. The children learnt what a summary is and practised saying a summary verbally and then writing it down in sentences.  This week we have also learnt about suffixes (ing, ed, ly, ful, ness, ment) with the children adding suffixes to root words.

Numeracy - 

Year 1s - Year 1s have become masters at subtraction and are now able to subtract numbers within 30 using a number line. We all know what the subtraction symbol looks like and that when we subtract numbers, the answer gets smaller.  At the end of the week we learnt how addition and subtraction are related and were able to write 4 related number sentences about a number fact. Miss Muddassir was amazed at the children's understanding and confidence with this tricky concept!

Year 2s - This week we have learnt about equal groups.  The children then learnt how to write repeated addition number sentences and learnt how these can also be written using the multiplication sign.  We then learnt how to use the Bar Model method to multiply numbers.


The children learnt the difference between an object and the material it is made out of.  We learnt what a physical property is and learnt lots of new vocabulary to describe the properties of wood, glass, metal, plastic and paper.  The children were very confident at using the words flexible, hard, soft, not flexible, waterproof and transparent. We also learnt opaque means you can't see through the material and absorbent means the material soaks up water and changes.  These were trickier to remember but the children had a really good go.


Our Topic this term is D&T based and the children planned a new toy to be Traction Man's side-kick.  We did this to learn how to design and make mock-ups and protoypes.  We are very excited about making our toys next week.