Cherry Class Blog Term 2 Week 4

Welcome everyone to our latest blog, and we are now halfway through Term 2 unbelievably!

We continue at a pace with our 'Poetry' strand of learning in our Literacy lessons and we have been looking at the work of a modern poet who raps his poetry. The children will have the opportunity to 'rap' their poems about the subject of school very soon!

I have been impressed with the learning from both year groups linked to fractions this week. Year 5 have been investigating addition and subtraction of proper, improper and mixed fractions. 

In History, Cherry Class learnt about an Arabic doctor and surgeon who invented hundreds of medical instruments over 1000 years ago and some that are still in use today.

In RE we continue our topic linked to 'racism' and explored and acted out a scene from the New Testament Bible and looked at the link it had to our topic (about how it was possible to change your mind, how we should accept everyone, regardless of their skin colour and background)

Today Year 6 had a very informative 'Magistrates Chat' whilst Year 5 were keeping fit on the school playground! Both year groups also completed a tag-rugby session this afternoon also.

We set some short, medium and long term goals in PSHE that the children assure me they will stick to......we shall see!

Have a good weekend everyone


Mr Ramsden & Ms Stokes