Term 3 week 3

Hello :) 

What a wonderful and fun packed week we have had in Oak Class! 


We have continued to look at book reviews this week in our literacy lessons. We have looked at the words summary and recommend, linking this to our conjunction learning. From this, we wrote some draft reviews using a range of different stories by some of our favourite authors! We have also been focusing on the 'shut the door, or' sound from our RWI programme. 


In Maths this week we have finished off learning about money. We are able to subtract and add money together using the correct unit of measure (p and £) and have also applied our knowledge to finding change. 

In addition to this we have looked at solving simple maths problems and showing our working out. 


In the afternoons we have been busy linking our focus text Traction Man to our D.T lessons. We have looked at generating and developing design ideas through mock ups and prototypes so we can eventually make our own toys! 

In art, we have been looking at Claude Monet's Sunset in Venice. Using the artwork to help us, we looked at the skill of sketching to try and mimic the works of this artist with some amazing results!