Term 5 Week 2

Although it has been a shorter week, we have still been really busy with our learning. In our Literacy we have been planning our final non-chronological report ready for our hot write after SATS week. We have been deciding how to organise our paragraph using sub-headings and finding out the information that we will need to write our sentences. 

In our Maths, Year 4 have been finishing off their learning on decimals looking at ordering and comparing decimals up to two decimals places. Year 3 have been looking at money and identifying pounds and pence. 

In our Science we have looked at what plants require to grow and have set up an experiment to look at the effects of taking away one of the things that seeds need to grow to see if it affects them. In our Art, we have designed a stencil to create a flower that we will be cutting and making out of clay based on the work of Peter Thursby. In computing the children have been using Scratch to look at creating basic algorithms which we will then be using to create games. 

We finished off the week by honoring the King's coronation with a garden party on the playground. 

We hope you have a lovely long weekend. 

Mr Saunders, Mrs Mallon, Miss Churchill, Mrs Relf and Miss Rackley.