Term 5 Week 2

This week we have continued with our inventions topic by looking at cams and followers which are used to make moving toys. We then used the information we had found to design our own moving toys which we will try to make by the end of term. In our topic learning we looked at some ancient inventions from the Bronze age and tried to predict what they were. In Science we looked at magnetism and tested different materials to see if they were magnetic. 

In Literacy we have continued our learning on the London Eye Mystery, and have been learning about different ways to add depth and detail to our writing. We have looked at using complex sentences and noun phrases to write descriptions about the characters in the story. 

In Maths Year 4 have been looking at money, and how to estimate, add and convert different representations of money. Year 3 have been looking at equivalent fractions and fractions of a set of objects. 

Next week we have a shorter week as Monday is a bank holiday, and Thursday is a polling day so the school is shut. Online learning will be uploaded to Microsoft Teams. Please contact me before Thursday if you require your child's log in details. 

Have a lovely weekend. 

Mr Saunders and Mrs Harris.