Walnut Class Term 4 Week 4

Another wonderful week of amazing learning has passed!

It was so good to see all my children's parents during our parents evenings. Thank you all for attending.

During our Literacy learning this week, we've used sequential vocabulary to order a sequence of events and created amazing short narratives. The children were all very proud of their narratives and volunteered to read them out loud to the whole class.

Our maths learning for Year 3 was about Mass. The children have learned how to weigh objects and read scales accurately. The Year 4's continued their learning about fractions.

For Science children planned their own experiments, made predictions and then reported their findings.  

They had to predict which of the following liquids they thought would freeze in a normal freezer and give reasons for their predictions.

  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Oil
  • Honey
  • Milk

We left each liquid overnight in a ice cube tray in the freezer. The children were all so excited the next morning to find out what had happened to the liquids.

During our Art session we've started on our mural paintings, based on Diego Rivera's artwork, in small groups and are looking forward to completing it next week.

We are working on our Tennis skills during PE.

Well, it's Mother's Day on Sunday and the children were very excited about it. So, I hope all the mothers will enjoy an amazing Mother's Day.

Have a lovely weekend.

From Mrs Jacobs and Ms Stokes.