Walnut Class Term 4 Week 4

We focused on Debating skills during Literacy this week and you were all outstanding in your arguments and reasoning, I loved it!!!

In Maths, Year 3 started their learning on Fractions, recognizing and finding a half, a quarter and a third.
Year 4 are focusing on decimals and division.

We have been looking at reversible and irreversible changes during our Science lessons this week. Children thoroughly enjoyed their experiment about 'melting chocolate' and making their own rice crispy cakes using the melted chocolate. 

During our Art lesson, children explored digital art and they've all created amazing artwork.

To end the week on 'Red Nose Day (Comic Relief) was absolutely fantastic. We had an online Phase Assembly. Children shared jokes and the class voted for the funniest one. The winner presented their joke during our Phase Assembly time. Abbie was the winner of Walnut Class.

You all deserve a relaxing weekend (parents included) because this week has been very busy and packed of amazing learning. Enjoy the weekend Walnut Class.