Term 3 Week 6

We are all looking forward to the half term break next week, and the children have really earned it. They have worked consistently hard this term and we are so proud of all they have achieved. They have really enjoyed and engaged with their learning on poems, and this week we have been practicing our rhyming skills by writing our own raps. The children have loved it, and particularly enjoyed the rap battle on Thursday. So that you can celebrate and enjoy the learning they have produced, we have written our poems up and the links can be found below for you to share at home. 



In Maths, Year 4 have been completing their learning on area and perimeter with some problem solving investigations. We finished the week by designing our own zoos with different enclosures all linked to area. Year 3 have been continuing their learning on statistics and analysing different types of graph. 

We will be continuing our learning on Active Planet next term looking at the volcanic eruption in Pompeii and its historical significance. This week the children have used their learning so far to design earthquake proof houses, which were all successful, and we have begun learning about tsunamis and how they are formed. In Science we designed a fair test to look at which type of soil is the most absorbent. 

Thank you to all those parents who attended parents' evening. It was lovely to share your child's progress and successes with you. We hope you have a lovely half term break, and look forward to seeing you all back on 22nd February.