Walnut Class Term 4 Week 2

Thank you to all who supported the children with their World Book Day costumes. They all looked amazing! 

Walnut Class children have made a fantastic start to Term 4.

Our Topic learning this term is based on a ‘Shake it’ theme – we will be looking at the different states of matter of solids, liquids and gases.  The children learnt about the particles within a solid, liquid and a gas within their Science learning. They considered the states of matter within three different balloons; one with frozen water, one with water and one with air. Children learnt that the particles within each state of matter are different and that there can be a reversible effect – for example ice, when melted, changes from a solid to a liquid state.

This week, for their DT learning, the children have considered the importance of eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. They have thought about the different food types and why it might be difficult to maintain a healthy diet. Children then researched and created their own recipe for a ‘smoothie,’ including equipment and the method they would use to make it. Children will be creating their own smoothie soon – I’m sure they will be very keen to tell you all about it!

Our PE focus this term is ‘tennis.’ This week, the children learnt how to aim and catch a ball accurately into a space. As the term progresses, they will learn about racket control, footwork and anticipation of their opponent’s strategy.


Swimming is on as usual next Tuesday. All children are expected to attend as their swimming lessons form part of the National Curriculum. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

From Mrs Jacobs and Ms Stokes.