Sports Premium

Sports Premium is a government funded payment aimed at improving and increasing the provision of PE in schools across the country.  The amount of money paid is based on the number of pupils in the school.
Mrs Lowerson co-ordinates P.E and sports at Park Way.

Sports Premium Aims 2019-2020

To continue to train confident teachers in order for them to deliver high level P.E lessons to ensure that they are able to support enhanced levels of participation with their class.

  • Lunchtime P.E. to be enhanced via the use of sport coaches to run activities and support mid-day meal supervisors.
  • To organise twilight training sessions for the staff.
  • To monitor and observe lessons every second term and to create an assessment sheet.

Development of planning, rich curriculum coverage and teacher CPD.

  • To support staff with CPD and assist with teaching through team teaching.
  • To raise standards in P.E and school sport, increasing the participation and opportunities offered to our children.

The profile of P.E and sport being raised across the school.

  • To encourage ‘I can’t ‘ to become ‘ I can’ attitude to physical activity.
  • Engagement in key sporting events such as sport relief day and the School sports day.
  • To motivate children to lead healthy lifestyles and take part in regular physical activity

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Click here to view the Sports Premium Action Plan for 2018-19.
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Effect of Sports Premium on sports participation and attainment
This academic year, Park Way has:
  • offered 7 different sports clubs - basketball, sportshall athletics, tag rugby, quicksticks hockey, athletics, high five netball, gymnastics.  95 children across the school (30%) attended one or more sporting clubs.  (This is a significant improvement on the previous academic year when only 3 sports clubs were offered with only 43 children (13%) attending.)
  • entered 9 sports competitions, with over 100 children participating:
    • Basketball - placed top 12 in Maidstone.
    • Sportshall athletics - 2 teams.  1 team placed within the top 7 whilst the other 2 teams placed within the top 10.
    • Quicksticks Hockey - 2 teams.  Both teams placed within the top 8 across Maidstone.
    • Athletics - to be held on 12th July.
    • High Five Netball - placed within the top 8.
    • Gymnastics - 2 teams.  1 team placed 4th out of 18 teams whilst the other team was placed 7th out of 10.
    • Games Festival - non-competitive - 40 children participated.
    • Volleyball Festival - non-competitive - 20 children participated.
    • Infant Agility - non-competitive - 20 children participated.
    • This is a significant improvement on the previous academic year when no competitions were entered.
  • applied to receive the Sainsbury's Sports Award, Bronze Level due to the increased participation in sporting events and competitions.  This is the first time Park Way has been eligible to apply for the award. 
  • Of our 45, Year 6 children, 80% are able to swim 25 metres or more.
Sustaining the Improvements
We are extremely proud of our sporting achievements this year and are especially proud of all the children who participated and were outstanding ambassadors for the school.  We are determined to build upon these successes in the upcoming academic year and will do this by:
  • continuing to develop the P.E curriculum to ensure that all children, across the school, are introduced to a wide range of sporting activities.
  • using coaches to up skill teaching staff to deliver outstanding PE provision.
  • entering competitions, allowing the children to compete against others and develop their love of sports and P.E.
  • sharing sporting successes within school e.g. in assembly, on newsletters, on the website etc.
  • building upon the range of sporting clubs offered within school.
  • promoting sports across the school and using children as ambassadors to encourage more children to participate.
  • supporting children to develop their skills outside of school by sharing expertise as appropriate.