Walnut Class Term 6 Week 3

What a lovely week we have had of amazing learning!

During Literacy sessions we were exploring persuasive text. In turns, we've filmed our role play ‘TV advert’ with an iPad using the ‘Product Pitch’ storyboard on iMovie.
Before Filming it, we've looked at different adverts and considered:
1.What role are the actors playing? 
2.How do they look and act?
3.Where the cameras are positioned?
So we've planned and filmed it and shared it with the class on the IWB today. It was amazing!!!!

In Maths we've been learning about 2D and 3D shapes; exploring their properties and finished the week by making our own 3D shapes.

During Topic learning we were comparing Ancient Greek houses to our British houses.

In DT we've made our own flag pole designs.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

From Mrs Jacobs and Ms Rackley.