Term 2 - Week 6

This week Apples and Pears have been amazing at performing their Christmas play. We are so proud of all of them with their dancing, actions and singing. Thank you all of coming and showing your support. We hope you enjoyed!

This week in Literacy we have been looking at the story ‘Aliens love panta claws’. The children enjoyed listening to the story and took an interest in designing their own underpants. This week we introduced a new game on Phonics play. The children had to sound out the word and blend it. They worked as a team to decide if it was real or alien words. If you would like to play this at home. Here is the link below:


In Maths we have been recapping our numbers, recognising them and finding the correct amount of objects. We have played lots of different maths games, working in team and supporting each other. If you would like to play this at home. Here is the link below:


In PE this week, we were very lucky to have a session with our PE Pass coach. The children enjoyed all of the different games they play, despite the rain. They worked as a team and share equipment.

This week the elves came to visit us. Apple and Pear elf have been cheeky this week. They were found making toast, drinking the milk in the fridge and playing in their elf made ball pit. We wonder what they will get up to next week?

Don’t forget Thursday 14th at 2:15pm in the hall, we will be celebrating different cultures from around the world. We look forward to seeing you all there for some fun arts and crafts and quiz time!

Thank you,

The EYFS Team.