Spring Term 2 - Week 4

Week 4

There has been a lot of new learning happening in Holly Class this week and the children have thoroughly enjoyed it.

In Literacy we have been writing our stories based on the book 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark.' The children have been using expanded noun phrases and conjunctions in their sentences.  All of our stories are about a nocturnal animal that was afraid of the dark and how it overcame its fear.

In Numeracy the Year 1s have had a lot of fun learning about capacity and measuring the volume and capacity of containers using non-standard units such as spoons, cups and bottles. They have been recording their findings, such as a jar measures the same as 10 cups. 

The Year 2 children have also been learning about measuring with a focus on mass. They have been learning to read weighing scales and have been measuring and estimating the mass of different objects. The children were very surprised to discover that the pineapple we used and a potato had the same mass. This sparked a discussion about whether the larger objects always have the same mass and some children realised that an object can be very large but hollow in the centre which means it might have a lower mass than an object smaller in size. In conclusion, it's not always true that the larger the object, the larger the mass.

This week in Science we learnt about micro-habitats. We first talked about what a micro-habitat is and looked at pictures of micro-habitats. Then we went outside on the field to look at micro-habitats more closely and identified the insects that we could spot there.  The children were very kind and careful, making sure that any insects that they found were returned to their micro-habitat.  The children learnt which animals lived in which micro-habitats.

In Geography we have been learning about physical features and human features. This week the children learnt about the city of Cairo in Africa and compared it to our town of Maidstone. The children were very surprised with the differences in human features. 

In R.E this week we have learnt about the story of Noah's Ark and have learnt that it is a story that can be found in the Torah, the Bible and the Quran.