Term 1 Week 6

Wow! What a great end to another week full of learning! So what have our incredible Ivy Class children been up to this week...

In Literacy, we have focused on improving our letter formation, practicing how to structure sentences and using various punctuation, applying our sounds, using verbs AND if that wasn't enough... practicing our spelling of common exception and tricky words!

In Maths, this week has been all about addition. We read, wrote and interpreted the + and = symbols, explored addition vocabulary, used manipulatives to add objects, solved some addition calculations AND had a crack at solving some one-step addition word problems... a busy week for our mathematicians.

Of course, we couldn't forget about the afternoons! In PE, we continued to explore movement through dance - we summoned our inner insects and thought about how they might move to the beat...In R.E, we thought about how we can be kind to each other and thought about how we can be kind to the planet - how would Christians demonstrate kindness and how we can apply this around the school. In topic, we got creative with the clay, we made PIRATE COINS - there are some amazing designs and next week, we will give them that golden glow! Last but not least, SCIENCE! We thought about how we can ask scientific questions about our experiment. We put oil and water together to see what would happen... Our curious scientists were amazed by the results! We then started to explore density.

Have a fantastic weekend and see you all Monday! :) 

A few reminders:

  • Parents evening is on the 19th and 21st October 
  • PE is on a Monday; children need to come in school in their uniforms and bring their kits in with them to change into
  • Please continue to send in reading records - I am amazed at the amount of reading Ivy Class does and want this to continue! :) 
  • Please remember home learning is set Friday's and is due-in the following Thursday on Teams!