Term 1 Week 6

Hello Everyone!

How are we nearly the end of the first term?! 

This week has been lots of fun! The highlight for me is watching the children participate in PE, showing excellent sportsmanship skills and teamwork. They were very competitive too!

In Maths; we have been continuing to learn and improve our addition skills to find a part of a sum. For example: we know if the sum was 5+ ___ = 8 , we can count on from 5 to 8 and identify how many steps it took to get there (of course, we know the answer is 3!)

In Literacy; we have continued to look at sentence structure. We worked on applying full stops and capital letters to sentences as well as continuing to spell common exception word. We now know we can't sound these words out. We also continued planning our diary entries so we can sequence events next week.

Our little scientists used the results from last week's experiment to gather data to answer key questions. They also drew a conclusion to our experiment.

In PE; Ivy Class continued to learn with the coach to travel with a different balls in different ways. We kicked, rolled, threw, and bounced balls whilst moving. after learning this skill, they applied these to competitive games and demonstrated excellent sportsmanship when their friends in Ivy Class won!

In History; we were fascinated about the Wright Brothers and how they changed the course of the history and future of aviation! Ivy Class successfully understood events from beyond living memory and were utterly amazed and captivated by the impact and significance that an one idea can make! 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone and the Ivy Team will see you Monday! :)

Home learning has been set on teams.
Please put names in jumpers, cardigans and fleeces!
PE is Thursday.
The weather is getting chillier, please do send your child into school with a coat to wear at playtimes and lunchtimes
Parents evening next week! I look forward to speaking to you!