Term 6 Week 1

It has been a brilliant start to the new term, and the last one of this academic year. Our topic this term is Success with Silver, looking at the legacy of the Olympic games since their first creation during the time of the Ancient Greeks. We will be looking at how the games have changed over time, and what makes a city suitable to host an Olympic games.

In Literacy, we are looking at biographies and will be learning about the incredible achievements of Olympian and record breaker Usain Bolt. We have looked at the features of a biography, and how to use the past perfect tense to sequence events. 

In Maths, Year 4 have been looking at position and angles and how these can be used to identify the properties of 2D shapes. Year 3 have been looking at duration and how to convert between different periods of time such as hours, days and weeks. 

In History, we tried to piece back together pieces of Greek pottery to look at the patterns and designs that were painted on them by the ancient Greeks. We discussed what these pictures could tell us about the way the Ancient Greeks lived. In DT we looked at the safe preparation of food as we prepare to make some meals from around the world this term. 

We hope you have a lovely weekend, 

Mr Saunders and Mrs Hendry