Term 2 Week 1

Hi all,

A wonderful first week back in Rowan Class. I hope you all had a good half term break and are now ready to go for Term 2.



We've started by learning about a newspaper article. The children have really enjoyed researching, writing about and reporting on their own choice of fairy tale. Some even managed to put an unexpected twist into theirs - very exciting!



Our Year 5's have started by learning about statistics including line-graphs and bar charts as well as embedding knowledge of mental arithmetic.

Our Year 6's have started the term by looking at fractions including looking at relative fractions, simplifying fractions, improper fraction, mixed-number fractions and ordering fractions.


Topic: Go with the Flow

PE has moved to a Friday through which we are learning about Health Related Fitness.

Also the children took part in an entry point activity in which they made sailing boats (we'll be floating these at some point in the near future).

We all also took part in a inter-school Speed Stacking competition. Our scores will be submitted in a few weeks, along with lots of other school, so we'll let you know the results when they come in.


Hope you all have a great weekend.

Kind regards,

Mr Askew