Term 3, Week 3

This week Apples and Pears have been busy with their learning. We have looked at the story ‘The Owl who was afraid of the dark’, following on from last week’s learning as the children have been interested in animals and the dark. We have learnt a new word this week ‘nocturnal animals’. Ask your child what this word means. The children have really challenged themselves this week and have been writing descriptive words to label a picture from the story or wrote a sentence about owls or a nocturnal animal.

In Maths this week we have looked at mass and capacity. The children were great and exploring our new language such as tall, thin, wide, full, empty. The children enjoyed weighting with the scales and using the numicon to work out which number had more. We then looked at capacity, the children were very active and moved to which side they thought held the most water. We then looked at the measurements and debated which children were on the correct side. Some of them then changed their minds.

PE this week, we have been looking at direction and the children worked well as a large group. They were very good at listening to the instructions and followed them well.

We have explored the different blocks of ice and our mud kitchen which was iced over in our cold weather season. We spoke about lots of different language and how the ice felt and would melt in the sun.

For the children’s home-learning, please look at teams and oxford owl for more reading books.

Have a lovely weekend,

The EYFS Team.