Cherry Class Blog Term 2 Week 2

Hi to parents, carers, guardians (and any children), and welcome to our latest Cherry class blog.

It goes without saying that we have been incredibly busy this week and I have been pleased with the efforts and learning of the class across a wide range of subjects.

In Literacy, we have continued with our new theme of 'Poetry' and had a chance to look in detail and 'unpick' some unusual but amusing poetry from the same author and then write some stanzas in his unique style. Today we will plan a new poem based on the idea of 'Dinner' and write it up in neat tomorrow,

In Numeracy, both year groups have investigated fractions. Year 5 have concentrated on what fractions actually are and their equivalents, whereas Year 6 have looked at fraction addition and subtraction.

In History, we are investigating the Golden Age of Islam from 1000 years ago and had a very informative/enjoyable lesson this week looking at an ancient, super-university like structure called the 'House of Wisdom' that existed in the city of Baghdad

PE this week involved some indoor yoga and fitness training (to get heart rates going!!) and tag rugby with a PE coach.

In Art we looked at the form of Dadaism and investigated famous artists from this movement and the children created their own interpretations of their original work.

Well done everyone for your efforts

Mr Ramsden & Ms StokesĀ