Early Years Foundation Stage - Year R

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum comprises of three prime and four specific areas of learning.
The prime areas of learning are:
  1. communication and language
  2. physical development
  3. personal, social and emotional development
The specific areas of learning are:
  1. literacy
  2. mathematics
  3. understanding the world
  4. expressive arts and design
 There are also three characteristics of effective learning, which are:
  1. playing and exploring
  2. active learning
  3. creating and thinking critically

These areas are taught through both teacher directed and child initiated learning opportunities. 

When children show high levels of involvement and the brain is at its most active, that is when progress and development occur. High level involvement occurs most often when children are able to pursue their own interests in an enabling environment, supported by skilful staff. Planning in the moment helps to make this possible.  Topics emerge from the children and so are flexible and change regularly.

Further details of the year group expectations can be found here:

Year R

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