Term 4 Week 5

Hi all,

Another fabulous week in Rowan Class. Again, it's really great to have everyone back in school.

In Literacy we've continued our learning about our story 'Cosmic'. We've completed lots of fun writing activities this week while enjoying the story, such as; writing a reply e-mail and text message from Liam to his dad, writing a letter to world leaders to save our planet and creating posters about the powerful language used as well as drama activities to depict a still life image of certain points of the story. It has been a really fun Literacy week!

In Maths our Year 5's have been reading and writing decimal numbers as well as reasoning using the four operations and our Year 6's have completed some really challenging learning on ratio and proportion, finishing the week with word problems.

In topic we've continued our learning about Space by conducting an activity about craters. We've replicated the surface of the moon with flour in a tray, made a variety of sizes of asteroids and measured the crater sizes they leave behind after being dropped from different heights. The children made observations based on surface area and velocity of the asteroid.

Hope you all have a great weekend, see you on Monday.

Mr Askew