Term 6 Week 3

This week the children have been looking at advertising to enhance their understanding of how to make language interesting and engaging before going back to looking at biographies. The children have made radio and television adverts during the week using the iPads and including a range of persuasive features. We have also focused on our speaking and listening skills and how we can use the tones of our voices to engage an audience. 

In Maths Year 3 have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes and how to identify them based on their properties. Year 4 have been learning all about angles, and how to recognise right, acute and obtuse angles in shapes. 

In our Science, we have used our mathematical knowledge to produce graphs based on the data we collected last week. We will be using them to evaluate the most effective exercise to increase heart rate. In History we have looked at the impact of Greek housing and architecture on the Western world and how Alexander the Great's empire helped spread Greek culture. 

Please remember to send your children into school in PE kits on Mondays this term. If they have sports clubs on other days, they will need to bring their PE kit to school and change at the end of the day. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Saunders and Miss Harris