Term 2 Week 2

Hi everyone,

Another wonderful week completed in Rowan Class.

In Literacy we've read up to the beginning of Chapter 3 where Doon finally manages to enter the generator room. Through this week we've used dialogue for further a story-line, used a range of cohesive devices within and across paragraphs and made justifiable predictions based on what has been stated and implied. Some really lovely pieces of writing have been completed this week, well done.

In Maths our Year 5' have been learning about squared numbers, cubed numbers, prime numbers, prime factors and the route of squared numbers. Our Year 6's have continued to learn about fractions by thinking about multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting fractions. Both year groups have moved towards problem solving activities later in the week using these skills.

Through PE we've begun learning about tag-rugby, focusing on how to pass the ball correctly. In PSHE we've been learning about how we can use yoga poses to help us control our breathing and emotions as well as the importance of sleep. While in History we've been learning about inventions from various time periods.

Have a great weekend everyone.

See you all Monday.

Kind regards,

Mr Askew & Mr Bowles