Term 2 Week 2

Hi all,

Another amazing week in Rowan class.



This week in literacy the children have researched, planned and written their own amazing newspaper articles about their own fairy-tale (with twists). The children were able to use all of the key features of a newspaper as well as using some extremely engaging language to hook the reader. Brilliant work.



Year 5 children have been working on using the formal method of multiplying a 4-digit number by a 1 or 2 digit number. Its been very important to keep the numbers in the right column (Ones, Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, Tens of Thousands) to make sure we come to the right answer.

Year 6 children have been comparing fractions as well as adding and subtracting fractions. For all of this the children had to first ensure that the denominator in all of the fractions they were working with were the same. Perhaps they could tell you how they did this?



This week in Science the children looked at the importance and impact evaporation, condensation and precipitation has on the water cycle.

In DT the children researched, designed and built their own bridges to scale a river including listing all of the resources they would use and the order in which they would construct their bridge.

In PE the children completed the first round of their personal challenge - star jumps in 45 seconds. We'll do this again at the end of term 2 see if they can beat their score from this week. We also continued with our topic of Health Related Fitness activities.


Hope you all have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week.

Kind regards,

Mr Askew