Term 3 week 2

Hello :) 

What an amazing first week back! 


This week in English we have been focusing on letters. Oak Class have been linking their history learning with their English and have looked at letters with Florence Nightingale in mind. They have explored the features of a letter and discussed the importance of addresses. They have then revisited punctuation, focusing on capital letters and have written their own addresses to practice this skill. Oak Class have also looked at different sentence types and written their own sentences correctly punctuating them. 


This week in maths we have continued to look at money. Oak Class have become avid shoppers and have the chance to put their new skills to the practical test. Beamish Cafe has been open all week and Oak class have been able to purchases their good, pay for them using exact change and have started to look at how to work out change when they don't have the correct coins. In addition to this, they are able to compare money using <,> and = and have continued to focus on their 3 times tables. 


In the afternoons Oak Class has been just as busy! In history we have been looking at comparing life at different periods of time. We looked at Florence Nightingale's profession as a nurse and a nurse today, comparing how they have progressed and the impact this has on them.

In Science we have looked at identifying if something is alive, dead or has never been alive. Oak class had some outstanding discussions and took part in some quite philosophical debates. My favourite was a discussion around whether an orange was alive, dead or had never been alive. Although there was disagreement throughout the class, they were excellent at listening to each other and sharing their thoughts and ideas - I was very proud of how grown up this discussion was! 

In P.E. we have continued to look at rolls. Following on from last week we have introduced forward rolls and side rolls which Oak Class have developed really nicely. We are moving onto jumps next week in our gymnastic lessons. 


  • Please ensure that your child's reading record is in school DAILY. 
  • Home learning is all online now - please ensure that you are completing Spelling Shed, Oxford Owl or Fiction Express and TT Rockstars every week - this is monitored and supports your child with their progression and development.