Term 1 Week 7

Hello all,

WE MADE IT! Well done to Ivy class for all their hard work this term, Mrs Finnis and I are very proud of the progress the children have made with their academic and personal growth.

In Literacy we made a pirate's treasure map ON A TORTILLA! Some of us even did a taste test and LOVED IT! The purpose of our lesson was being able to identify verbs; we had to wash the vegetables, chop the vegetables, spread the puree and so much more... It's safe to say we are experts at using verbs.

As we come to a close on this topic, we had a go at independently writing instructions with a key focus on sentence structure and applying time conjunctions.

In Maths we have:

  • been continuing to add.
  • are beginning to find number bonds up to 20 and finding systematic ways to solve these.
  • have begun to solve addition word problems, picking out the most important information.

In Science we have:

  • observed closely using simple equipment. We did this through carrying out an experiment; we combined baking soda and cola to see what would happen! Lots of fizz and bubbles!

In Art we have:

  • created our final Barabara Hepworth inspired sculpture that we designed last lesson.

In PE we have:

  • practiced kicking and dribbling a ball through a series of activities!
  • worked on teamwork and communication skills.

In Geography we have:

  • used our field skills to use compasses to identify directions on a map.


  • Next term Holly, Ivy and Oak Class will be doing DT. For this we need the following:
    -Cardboard boxes (various sizes), toilet roll/Kitchen roll tubes, Cardboard egg cartons
  • Please put names in clothes. 

It was lovely seeing you all on parents evening; hope you have a restful holidays with your families! 
Have a wonderful half term break :)