Term 1 Week 4 29.9.23

In Literacy this week we have continued to read Kensuke’s Kingdom. For our learning we have been following Michael’s travels around the world and written post cards from Cape Verde. We have researched African and Australian animals and then we wrote a description about them using the facts we found. We completed the week by exploring the different emotions that Michael would have gone through when he fell overboard and waking up on an island alone, except for his dog. We then used our ideas to write a diary entry as if we were Michael and writing in the first person.

In Maths, year 5 have been learning to round and compare numbers up to 1,000,000 and solving problems. Year 6 have been learning about negative numbers. They have been looking at them on a number line and learning to make comparisons in problem solving.

Our topic learning this term is called Earth as an Island. We have been finding out about geographical features of an unknown locality (St Lucia) and our locality – Maidstone. We did some research into both locations and made comparisons. This will be continued next week.

In Science we are looking at Living Things and their Habitats. This week we looked at the reproduction of different animal groups and explored metamorphosis. We then painted zoological illustrations to depict the life cycle of amphibians and insects and made comparisons.

In PSHE we are continuing to explore friendships.

In PE, for this term, we have PE on a Thursday and a Friday. On Thursday the children will learn football and on Friday they will learn Basketball.

Every Monday we go to the school library, where children can choose a book to read.


  • Mobile Phones – Mobile phones should be brought in by children who walk home alone, not by children who are collected by their adult.
  • The children should not be bringing their own fiddle toys to school. We have a selection in the classroom.
  • Reading books should be written in when the children have read either independently or with an adult.
  • The PE kit is their team colour T shirt and black/navy shorts NOT tracksuits.
  • TTRockstars and EdShed are our home learning Apps, please go on these weekly. There are assignments on EdShed.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Rackley, Mrs Morris and Mrs Relf