Cherry Class Blog Week 4 Term 1

Hiya everyone and welcome to our latest classroom blog. Cannot believe we're over halfway through the term no!

In Literacy, we have read chapters 1-4 of our class text 'Kensuke's Kingdom' and the class created an information text about either an African or Australian animal and planned to write a diary entry from the point of view of the man character, a young boy called Michael who gets swept away from his book during a storm and finds himself alone on a Pacific island............!

Year 5 concentrated on rounding and ordering numbers up to 1 million this week in Numeracy, whilst Year 6 looked in depth at negative numbers.

In the afternoon we have engaged in a number of activities, such as looking at the life cycle of both insects and amphibians (and the children created some wonderful watercolour paintings of both animal groups too), comparing a region in the UK (Maidstone) with an area in North America (St Lucia), and discussing reasons why people both believed and did not believe in God.

The class have worked well this week and we will be showing and talking about some of our learning next Friday (6th October) during our class assembly at 9.05am!

Take care everyone


Mr RamsdenĀ