3rd November Weekly Review

Thank you to all who attended our Maple Class Assembly this morning! It was great to have so much support for the children. I hope you feel as proud of them as I do – they have achieved some amazing learning and have already started this term with good focus.

This term, our focus text is ‘Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx’ by Joe Todd-Stanton, a story about a girl who is scared of the dark and travels on an adventure to overcome her fears.  This week, in our Literacy learning, we have studied the text to consider how the main characters Marcy and her father, Arthur, were feeling at various points in the story and using evidence in the text to support our reasoning. We have also learnt about personal and possessive pronouns and the difference between them, applying this knowledge by replacing nouns with appropriate pronouns.

In Maths, Year 4 have been learning about area. They know that area is the measurement of shape inside a 2D shape. Children have compared and ordered different rectilinear shapes by counting  squares. They have also helped to apply this knowledge to redesign an outside play area for our Reception children.  Year 3 have used their place value knowledge to add 2 and 3 digit numbers together and to subtract a 2 digit number from a 3 digit number.

In RE this week, children learnt about the significance of and similarities and differences between celebrations that religious and non-religious people celebrate. We have discussed why and what different people celebrate and have looked at different photographic evidence to explain what is being celebrated and why.

We ended the week learning about our new History focus which is ‘Ancient Egyptians.’ We had fun exploring a tomb using an App on our ipad. We identified various items within the tomb such as a sarcophagus, mummy, canopic jars and hieroglyphics.  As our DT learning is linked to our history learning, we then returned to our classroom and designed our own tomb, using all the knowledge we had learnt about Egyptian tombs.  We would be very grateful for any donations of cardboard such as tissue boxes, breadstick boxes that are easy for the children to cut, so that we can make our own tomb.


Monday – swimming is on as usual next Monday. Please remember to bring swimming kit into school.

Wednesday – our P.E. session is on a Wednesday this term. Please wear correct P.E. kit to school.

Pantomime – this is on Wednesday 29th November at the Hazlitt theatre.  Please pay on SCOPay and return the consent form to school as soon as possible.

Have a good weekend!

Mrs Chapman and Mrs Mallon