Weekly Review 8th September

What a wonderful week we have had in Maple Class! The children have all settled beautifully into their new year group. Today, we discussed how they were feeling at the beginning of the week compared to how they felt today. Some children said that they felt nervous at the start of the week but now feel much happier now that they have settled.

We started the week reminding ourselves of the school rules and values which led us to discuss as a class, the rules we think we should have in our class. The children discussed what they felt would be a good rule and collectively, they have created a list of ‘class rules’ which they have signed and are now on display in our classroom.

For our Maths learning this week, we read a book called ‘Spaghetti and Meatballs for All’ which is all about Mr and Mrs Comfort planning a party for their friends. Throughout the book, the children in Maple listened to all the maths facts that were within the story and noted them down. For example, they learnt that Mrs Comfort hired 8 tables for the party and Mr Comfort made 96 meatballs. In groups, the children had to think strategically about maths problems, for example – could the tables be arranged differently or equally to the same or a different amount? Was there only one way to seat 32 guests?

For our Literacy learning, we have written a recipe and instructional writing using time adverbials, based on ‘Spaghetti and Meatballs for All.’ Today, the children learnt about inference by looking at a character and describing how he was feeling by his facial expression, voice and body language.

Our Geography learning this week has focused around the question ‘what is an island?’ The children could describe what an island is and could also name some islands throughout the world. Outside, the children enjoyed discussing what ‘survival’ means and what we would need in order to survive. In groups, they showed resilience and great listening skills as they created their own shelter.

Our first week ended by learning about ‘what is light?’ The children identified different sources of light and what happens if there is no light. We looked at different colours and discussed how primary colours can create secondary colours and we used torches to shine through different objects to see how light travels.


Our swimming session is each Monday afternoon at Mote Park. Please ensure your child brings their swimming kit and towel to school every Monday. Please collect your child from school at 3.15pm as usual.

Our P.E. session is on a Tuesday during Term 1. Please ensure your child is wearing the correct P.E. kit, as identified on our website under the ‘Parents & Carers’ section and then under ‘School Uniform.’

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Chapman and Mrs Mallon