1st December Weekly Review

The children were very excited to arrive in Maple Class this morning as it’s finally reached December!

For Literacy this week, we have learnt how to apply time and cause conjunctions to improve our writing.  We also learnt about the features of a pantomime and were able to identify these in real life as we experienced ‘Peter Pan’ on Wednesday! That was definitely the highlight of the week! As we progress towards week five, we are thinking characters about our ‘Hot Write’ that will be an adventure story based on our focus text ‘Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx.’ We have learnt about the purpose of paragraphs and that each paragraph has its own theme.  We will apply this knowledge in our narrative writing next week.

Year 4 Maths children have learnt how to solve number and practical problems involving place value.  They have used resources such as a hundred square, multiplication square and cubes to identify and link patterns and solve problems.  All Year 4 children have completed a ‘Multiplication Check’ this week.   As well as Times Tables Rock Stars, please encourage your child to access the following website which they have been introduced to:  https://www.timestables.co.uk/multiplication-tables-check/

Year 3 Maths children have used their knowledge of the four times table to share amounts between four equal groups.  They have looked at multiples of four and eight to solve problem and reasoning questions.

For our Topic learning this week, children have learnt about Egyptian art and have used this knowledge to create their own Egyptian art for the inside of their tombs.

In Science, children measured the length of a shadow at a specific time of day, noting the direction of the shadow in relation to the sun.  They will complete more recordings, at different times of the day, next week in order to complete the investigation.


On Wednesday 6th December, please join us to sing Christmas carols and songs on the KS2 playground from 2.45pm.

Christmas jumper day is on Thursday 7th December – no money required.  Please wear jumper with usual school skirt/trousers.  

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Chapman and Mrs Mallon