Autumn Term 1 - Week 1 & Week 2

Welcome Back to a New Academic Year


We have had a lovely first two weeks getting to know each other in Holly Class and setting up routines. The children are very enthusiastic about our topic this term which is called Treasure Island. Most of our learning will be linked to this.


In Geography we have been learning the names of the 7 continents and have been learning to locate them on a map of the world. This is a song we have been using to help us:


In Science we have been learning what WATERPROOF means. The children were given a toy pirate and covered it with different materials (plastic, paper, tissue, wood, tinfoil, fabric).  We then sprayed it with water to test if the material was waterproof or not. We also learnt that materials that are not waterproof, ABSORB water and start to change and look different when wet.


Our Literacy is focused around the text 'The Pirate Cruncher' by Johnny Duddle. We have been learning about expanded noun phrases and how to use them. We have also been learning to use the prefix un- and have been writing sentences  about naughty pirates using words with the un- prefix, e.g. unkind, unhealthy, unkempt.


Both year groups have been learning about place value in Numeracy. Y1s have been learning to recognise numbers up to 20 and Y2s have been learning to represent numbers up to 100 using apparatus.  Y2s have also been learning to partition 2 digit numbers into Tens and Ones.


This term we will be learning about Muslims in R.E and in P.E we have been learning to copy actions to form a dance to the text Superworm by Julia Donaldson.