20th October Weekly Review

We have made it to the end of term! I am very proud of how the children have settled into Maple Class. We have enjoyed a great term of learning and have enjoyed watching Elm and Walnut’s class assemblies that have showcased what we have all been learning this term across Year 3 and 4. Our class assembly is on Friday 3rd November – we would love to see family members there; this starts at 9am in the school hall.  

We have finished the term writing and performing a play script based on our focus text, Robinson Crusoe. In groups, we have discussed the role of a narrator, speaking parts for each character and acting skills. We performed our scene in front of the class and then created an iMovie.  

Year 4 have focused on using rounding skills to estimate an answer and have learnt about using inverse operations to check a calculation. Year 3 have been learning to add and subtract 3 digit numbers with digits changing across the tens and hundreds columns.  

In Geography this week, we used atlases to locate islands in different continents and compared the climate of the UK with the island of Malta. We linked this with our computing skills, as we completed this learning on our Teams accounts, using editing skills to insert arrows, text boxes and draw lines for rivers.  

We finished our PE learning on ‘aerobics’ this term by completing another ‘shuttle run.’ We firstly completed a shuttle run between two cones at the start of the term, recording our score. Then, we completed a final shuttle run in the last week of term to see if our fitness had improved as a result of our aerobic exercises over the term. Hektor and Leonis both managed to improve their score – well done to them!  

Our classroom was full of vibrant colour and fun when we completed our art learning this week! We have been learning about the artist Damien Hurst this term and were fascinated to see how he created art using a spinning wheel. We used a similar effect by watering paint and applying different coloured paints onto a cardboard circle. We then spun the wheel and were excited to see the results! We created some amazing patterns and our spinning wheel art was great fun – we all enjoyed this very much!  


Swimming is on a Monday next term as usual. Please remember to bring swimming kit in on a Monday.  

P.E. for Term 2 will be on a Wednesday afternoon. Please wear correct P.E. kit in on a Wednesday.  

Have a lovely half term break! 

Mrs Chapman and Mrs Mallon