Week beginning 16th October

Our final week in Term 1 has been packed with learning. 

In Literacy, we demonstrated all of our skills that we have learnt this term in our Hot Write. Children were asked to rewrite Kensuke's Kingdom from a different point of view or changing an aspect of the story.

In Maths, Year 6 the children have been looking at BODMAS and the order of operations. Calculating equations using the correct order. Year 5 have moved on to multiplication and have been looking at common multiples and factors of different numbers. 

In Geography, we have been reading maps using 6 digit grid references. Children drew on their Year 3/4 knowledge of four digit references and understood the extra digit enables us to be more accurate and precise with locations. The children looked at eastings and northings and made links to previous learning about coordinates. 

In PE, we are beginning to apply our knowledge of defense, dribbling and shooting to team games. The image pictured is from last week's lesson where children were applying BEEF (bend knees, elbows bent, eyes focused and follow through) to aim their shots.