Spring Term 1 - Week 1

Happy New Year


I hope everyone had a lovely break.  The children have returned back to school feeling refreshed and ready to learn.

This term in English we will be learning to write letters and this will link in with our History where we are going to be learning about significant individuals from the past.  This week we recapped on what verbs are and how to change verbs to the past tense. We then wrote letters to a friend telling them about a memorable day from the holidays.

In Maths this week, Year 1s learnt about the place value of numbers up to 40 and the Year 2 children have been learning to recognise coins and notes and add them together.

In History this week, we learnt about Florence Nightingale and discussed why she is a significant individual.  The children really enjoyed learning about how she made changes to nursing and were really engaged during the activities. We painted portraits of Florence Nightingale and compared her clothing to modern day nurses.  We also mapped out her journey from the UK to Scutari (in modern day Turkey) using Google Maps.  Some children also role-played being nurses and tended to their teddy bears.