Term 1 Week 6 13.10.23

In Literacy this week we have finished reading Kensuke’s Kingdom. We have really enjoyed this story. Before we read it, we wrote a prediction for how we thought the story would end. We also researched Nagasaki in Japan to find out where Kensuke came from. We ended the week with role play where we interviewed the characters to find out about Michael and his parents’ experience of his ordeal.

In Maths, year 5 have been learning to secure their understanding to add and subtract whole numbers with up to 4 digits by solving multi-step problems and using the inverse to check answers. They have been comparing numbers too. Year 6 have been learning to understand how to use long multiplication to solve problems and long division too. They have found both these methods a bit challenging so we will come back to them regularly through retrieval practice.

Our topic learning this term is called Earth as an Island. We have continued to look at and explore Fair Trade and found out how this affects the economy around the world with a focus on the banana industry in St Lucia.

In Science we are looking at Living Things and their Habitats. This week we continued to look at the reproduction of different animal groups and explored metamorphosis. We drew the life cycles of a chosen animal and wrote about their reproduction and their life cycle. We found out that some animals do not follow the suit of their animal group and that a duckbilled platypus actually lays eggs, even though it’s a mammal.

In PSHE we explored how families and relationships can affect us and that we should always talk about our concerns.

In PE, for this term, we have PE on a Thursday and a Friday. On Thursday the children will learn football and on Friday they will learn Basketball.

Every Monday we go to the school library, where children can choose a book to read.


  • Mobile Phones – Mobile phones should be brought in by children who walk home alone, not by children who are collected by their adult.
  • The children should not be bringing their own fiddle toys to school. We have a selection in the classroom.
  • Reading books should be written in when the children have read either independently or with an adult.
  • The PE kit is their team colour T shirt and black/navy shorts NOT tracksuits.
  • TTRockstars and EdShed are our home learning Apps, please go on these weekly. There are assignments on EdShed.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Rackley, Mrs Morris and Mrs Relf