Cherry Class Blog Term 5 Week 1

Good afternoon parents and welcome to our latest Cherry Class blog.

I cannot believe how quickly the first week has whizzed by and the children have been very busy with their learning, engaged in a number of activities across a range of subjects.

We started our new class text in Literacy this week, titled 'The City of Ember' a futuristic story with many twists and interesting story lines to investigate! This week we looked at Chapter 1 and the children had the opportunity to write an information text about the city.

In Numeracy, both year groups have been investigating 'angles' and using estimates and protractors accurately to find the exact angles. We'll look at shapes (both 2d and 3d next week!)

In Science our new topic is based around 'light' and our lesson this week looked at the features and roles of various parts of the eye.

In RE this term we are looking at how various religious worship and in week one we looked at similarities and differences between strands of the Christian church (Anglicans and Baptists)

Our PE sessions will now be held one after the other on a Friday afternoon, and we started with a cricket session linked to catching and fielding and then after 2pm we completed team building events as part of our OAA topic (Outdoor Adventurous Activities)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Mr Ramsden & Ms Stokes