Term 3 Week 3

It has been another week of amazing learning, with the children finishing off their diary entries based on Blue John. The children have finished looking at all the different features of a diary and planned two entries based on his life in the cave and the day he ventures outside. The children have really shown off their writing skills and have shown just how much progress they have made since their cold write. 

In Maths, Year 4 have been looking at the formal method of short division using our times table skills from the last few weeks. Year 3 have been looking at division and how to divide numbers equally.

In topic the children have looked at examples of famous volcanoes and creating a fact file about them. They have also been looking at famous Japanese paintings and recreated the painting of the Great Wave. After their second week of swimming the children are absolutely loving their lessons. Their behaviour and effort has been fantastic and they are already showing off the skills they are learning.