Term 5 Week 1 Welcome Back

Welcome back to Term 5.

In Literacy this term we are reading The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau. This story is linked to our Science unit on Light. This week we have discussed why we think The City of Ember is called The City of Ember. The children have planned and written an information text about the city. We finished the week off by describing Lina - the main character.

In Maths this week, Year 5 are learning to recognise the different angles and their properties. They are using protractors to learn how to measure angles and to find missing angles in a shape. Year 6 have been interpreting line graphs, bar charts and pie charts. They have been problem solving by finding out percentages and fractions of known information. We finished the week off by looking at angles in a pie chart. 

In Science, we are exploring light and how we see. This week we looked at how the eye sees and the different parts of the eye and their functions. We drew an eye and labelled it, then wrote information about it.

In Computing we are investigating LED lights using Microbits. We created a light up name badge.

In PE this term we are learning to play cricket and OAA (Outdoor Adventure Activities). PE will be on 2 days a week: Thursday and Friday. Please ensure your child wears the PE kit as per the school policy.

This term Year 6 will sit their SATS. These will take place between Monday 13th May and Thursday 16th May. 

School is closed on Thursday 2nd May for Poling Day and Monday 6th May as it is bank holiday.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Rackley and Mrs Morris